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Fitness Pilates

Fitness Pilates
Ages: 18+

When: Monday 5.30 pm Monday 6.45 pm Wednesday 10.30 am

Duration: 1 hour
Fees: £47 per six week block

Once called “the best kept secret of the chic, rich, famous and beautiful,” Pilates is now a household name. Fitness Pilates is based on the original teachings of Joseph Pilates.

Our Fitness Pilates utilises all of the principals and includes many of the mat work exercises in traditional Pilates, but offers modifications, diversifications and updated exercise prescription to provide a controlled body conditioning program appropriate for everyone.

These classes are designed to develop muscle tone and strengthen your whole body through a series of flowing movements, the postures and stretches included will aid mobility and relieve the stresses and strains brought on from every day life.

Pilates can be a challenging yet safe exercise. Each session is designed to make the maximum use of your time by targeting the deep postural muscles of the body, building strength from the inside out and re-balancing your muscles too. It also promotes a longer, leaner, toned shape, a flat stomach, a strong back and increased mobility and flexibility.

Our classes are kept to a maximum of ten participants so you can each have individual attention.

It’s no wonder these classes are backed by a range of health professionals worldwide.

​Did You Know?…..Joseph Pilates originally named his method of exercise “Contrology”. It was only after his death in 1967 that it became known as Pilates.

Energise Engage Exhale

Triple E Movement Class 

Ages: 18+

When:  Thursday 7.00 pm

Where: Body Lipo Lincoln  869 High Rd, London N12 8QA ( above the White Stuff Shop)

Duration: 1 Hour
Fees: £60 per six week block

Exhale, Engage and Energise

A hour class class in three  blocks

Energise – your body with “Mindful Movement” a blend of key pilates and yoga moves

Engage – those muscles in my core and more section taking time to “Tune In” to your body

Exhale – join me in my chill out zone and take time to “Relax and Unwind”

Sarah Hogan’s Triple E Movement Class brings together the key elements of pilates yoga and mindfulness to create a positive and powerful experience  to energise your body and relax your mind.

This class will help to reduce your stress levels also lowering cortisol levels the hormone that help to make us fat! It will help to stretch out those tired stiff bodies and make them strong and will give you time to relax and unwind.

“During your precious time with me we work together on strengthening not only your body but creating a positive holistic experience for you, to leave you feeling not only physically strong but mentally strong and empowered too “  – Sarah Hogan

To help to support you in-between your time with Sarah you have access to her VIP members online hub with access to over 1000 recipes ten new weekly meal ideas for you, food, weight and measurement tracker and full home workouts. You also have her supportive online group with over three hundred members so you will never feel alone.

Code Pink #projectyou

Code Pink #projectyou

Ages: 18+

When : Tuesday 7.15 pm

Duration: 45 mins 
Fees: £20 per month

Women are jogging their way to Code Pink #projectyou to help beat the blues get fit and have fun!

Yes women are voting with their feet, kicking off their boots, putting on their trainers and chasing the blues away. .

Code Pink #projectyou  meet in Lincoln on a Tuesday night at 7.15 pm for a fun and friendly fitness class not only to get fit but to socialise and combat loneliness that comes with staying in night after night.

Our Code Pink Tribe are celebrating the power of women coming together to combat loneliness and getting some girl power, confidence and fun back into their lives.

This really is your personal fitness club as each month we chat about what you would like to try the next month so we never get bored! We keep it fun fun fun.

Along side all this you have your own Code Pink online hub with over 1000 recipes plus ten new ones each week, online workouts to pick and chose from, food tracking and food diary, weight and measurement tracking you can even upload your photos for comparisons. To help support you we have our own Facebook group with over 300 members who will be there 24/7 to chat to and compare stories.

Just click below to book your free trial can’t get to class don’t worry you can join as an online member only.

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Ages: 18+

When: We work round you

Duration: 1 hour up 
Fees: From £30 per hour

At SHMA our personal coaching is very different to what you may have experienced before.

We understand the challenges of juggling work and home life and finding time to keep fit and healthy. This is why we can meet you at a location convenient to you if you can’t come to us, bringing all the equipment you will need. .Whether it is at home, in the garden, gym, park or office; we can use any location to make the perfect work out space. Even if you are a new mum struggling to fit exercise around your baby’s demands, we can design a programme that makes baby part of your work-out, rather than being the reason you can’t work out.

Can’t come to us? Don’t worry we have a full online personal coaching service for you so you can benefit form our expertise from the comfort of your home or take one of our workouts outside or to the gym on your phone.

Every client is unique which is why you will get a bespoke fitness and nutritional programme designed around your age, ability, gender and previous exercise experience. A tailored plan like this gives you the maximum chance of achieving your health and fitness goals, we don’t believe in just telling you what to do we want to coach you through all your needs with an individual tailored approach.

We don’t just give you a plan and leave you either you have a fully tailored online programme with over 1000 recipes & ten new ones each week, food, weight and measurement tracking, food diary, and full home workouts, we also have our Code Pink #projectyou Facebook community where over 300 women help and support each other.

We believe that personal coaching should be a pleasure, not a chore – otherwise the likelihood of sustaining your improved level of health and fitness is next to zero. That is why we aim to make all our sessions fun and enjoyable…

We are looking forward to meeting you xx