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Dancers don't need wings to fly.


Zenith Foundation

Zenith Foundation
Ages: 5-9
Duration: 1 hour
Fees: £20 per month

In Zenith Foundation Classes, we will be giving you the information and tools you need to learn the history, the technique and how to break down the movement so you are able to become an incredible Zenith Elite Company Dancer.

Upon being accepted to the programme, you will be a given small exclusive classes with the emphasis on the individual dancer. We don’t want you to just teach the movement, we want you to know, where it derives from, what it means & why it is important,  so you are fully prepared for our Elite team.

To be the best at anything, you need to learn the best.

Zenith Elite Company

Zenith Elite Company
Ages: 9+ 
Duration: 2 hours
Fees: £30 per month

Zenith Elite Company is our premium dance programme for the performers of tomorrow.

We believe it is not just enough to dance the steps – You have to emote them!

The job of any performer is to create an emotional reaction from your audience, this starts from your first class preparing  for iD exams to then working on the west end stage or in a music video.

iD’s diverse creative team have worked in every side of the industry performing and choreographing for the world’s biggest recording artists, in Hollywood movies and teaching at the world’s leading dance establishments. iD’s team knows what is needed to gain entry to professional dance colleges and to working successfully within the industry.

Entry onto our Zenith Elite dance programme is by recommendation only after your two week trial, as we want all our dancers to be completely suitable for our exclusive iD Dance Syllabus.

Our programme is set by ability rather than age and runs 48 weeks of the year.We will be accepting dancers from the age of 6-16 years and allocating them into the correct classes either the Elite or Foundation Stage.

We look forward to hearing from you in this new and very exciting venture for Lincoln and Sarah Hogan Movement Academy.

Zenith Master Class

Zenith Master Class

It’s not just the children that can benefit from our amazing contemporary classes.

We will be putting on a series of master classes through the year. If you are interested i these please contact us so we can keep you informed.


iD-Company Syllabus

iD- Company

Welcome to iD-Company, created by renowned choreographers and teachers from the UK’s leading dance colleges, it aims to develop your dancers through an innovative, fresh, and inspiring syllabus, rooted in contemporary technique. We are passionate about nurturing the teachers of today who are training the dancers of tomorrow.

“The iD-Dance Syllabus pushes boundaries for excellence with leading choreographers of our generation and is a ground breaking movement that will nurture the talent of tomorrow.”

– Ryan Jenkins, Founder/President of iD-Dance

“I am so proud to be bringing the prestigious  iD Contemporary Dance Syllabus to Lincoln.”

–  Sarah Hogan Director/Principle of The Movement Academy

The programme covers many techniques giving dancers a broad training and an introduction to the many directions of contemporary dance.
There are many methods to training in contemporary dance, through following the course many of the components from these methods are taught – Release, fall and recovery, direction changes, isolations, core strengthening, connecting with the floor and improvisation.

Each Grade has been designed to build a solid technique from set exercises to enable students to dance new, challenging and inspiring choreography.

In each grade students perform a set dance which can be altered for their own interpretation for their exam, but it must be danced using an emotion or theme from a list provided for each grade.

As the Uk’s most up coming dance style used by most choreographers, contemporary dance training is a major component that all dancers should attain for their future.

We have devised a new way to help students that we believe will transform dance in the UK.

With fresh ideas and new approaches that involve practical assessments we want our dancers be the best they can be.

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