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Do you eat raw?

Eating More Raw Foods

Some of the benefits you may notice


Eating more raw food creates major health improvements.


If you have weight issues eating more raw food, along with our recipes which have been balanced for fat-loss will help you to loose excess weight.


Energy perks up. I am a testament to that. I have my phases of can’t be bothered. And eat takeaways, frozen ready meals etc. Within days I feel more tired during the day, my sleep pattern get disrupted, and even start feeling more depressed.


As soon as I give myself a kick up the backside and put more greens and more water into my diet. I feel so full of energy and get far more done.


I have always had good skin but I started to get the odd spot as an adult. Again once I start eating better, after a few days an ‘spot’ issues have gone. And my skin glows more, looks less dry, looks younger.


And if we talk toilet, a couple of green smoothies a day, will get everything moving efficiently.


Raw food is full of enzymes. These are needed by us especially our digestive systems. Too few in a daily diet and we can experience fatigue, aches, bloating in the tummy area, skin problems, headaches.


Ultimately who does not want to feel the energy they had when they were a child. To be able to run and play like they did when they were a child. It may be so long since you felt that, that you have difficulty remembering it.


Imagine being a child again. The endless energy and enthusiasm for life. You can feel that as an adult just by making a few small changes to your diet and exercise.

Love Sarah xx

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Clear it out!

Cupboard & Fridge/Freezer Clear Out

Good for the soul


I am terrible about ever organising or clearing out kitchen cupboards. When I do tackle this huge task, I always find spices way past their use by dates,  tins of more unusual ingredients etc.


However when I do have a good clear out & sort. I feel so much better for it. The kitchen looks nice. Clean, organised. I know what I have, where to find it. And even what I need to add to a standard shopping list.


When you join my programme you will be cooking more. So it is worth doing this job in preparation for the fun to come.


Sort through spices & condiments. Write down a list of what you have and when next on-line, go to that grocery aisle and make a note, or order, anything you find interesting and do not already have.


Although we provide a database of recipes and regularly update them. It is always fun to experiment.


You don’t always have to follow my recipe and ingredients word for word, but swap the spices around. Have a bit of fun creating your own unique recipe.


While you are having a sort out in the kitchen. Be brave and throw away all food that does not serve your health. No matter what you spent on that food.


And once you have emptied your cupboards and fridge have some fun restocking them with good nutritious food that will help your health and you can enjoy cooking…or even eating raw.


Think I may go over some fundamentals about raw food in my next few emails.

Love Sarah xx

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Amazing September Offer!!

So it’s back to school September and back to fitness for lots of us, (myself included!)

I was sorting out my computer and I came across an amazing programmes that I had and I thought to myself gosh my ladies loved these before why don’t I offer it again? So I am!!

We have for you the Fitness Pilates 28 day detox, a fabulous programme ( one of my faves)

If you are hiding away under baggy tops and hoodys then give Kick Start a try!

And when you really think about it, have you lost your body confidence and keep telling yourself  it doesn’t matter what your abs look like……WRONG…… you will feel amazing when your stomach feels flatter without any bloating.

Would you…..

Secretly LOVE to be rocking a slimmer, stronger and leaner mid section?

  • Would You like to dedicate 28 Day to really sort out your eating, nutrition and fitness?

  • Have you recently had a baby, been injured or post menopause and want to take things a little easier?

  • Do you love Fitness Pilates, Core Training and Fusion Stretch style programmes?

  • You can join this detox at anytime – whenever you are ready and get all of the information in one go.

    Begin the 28 day programme right away as soon as you sign up you will gain full access to the shopping lists, meal planners, support tutorials , daily workouts and audios.

    28 WORKOUTS including Fitness Pilates, Unite, Core Training and Meditation.

    Meal planner, recipes, videos, audios, motivation day by day and step by step.

  • Lifetime access.

I’m offering this at the incredible offer price of just £21!!

If you’re ready just click below!



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I want you to fall in love!

Falling in Love

I want you to fall in love with your body & good food


When was the last time you really enjoyed what you eat? Not a special occasion meal but everyday food.


Don’t you think it’s time to get some pleasure from food again? To stop taking food for granted and create a better relationship with it?


Everyone says they are too busy for good home-cooked food. My solutions are to speed things up by buying already prepared vegetables, salads, using my food processor & slow cooker, blending healthy drinks & soups.


There are so many ways to make quick, good food. In my slow-cooker at the moment there is 1kg of lean minced beef, 1 rinsed can of green lentils, 1 tin of chopped tomatoes, two handfuls of carrot batons, 2 chopped peppers, 2 chopped onions and a good amount of oregano to make  a sow cooked bolognaise.


Tomorrow I will simply add a tin of kidney beans and some chilli to change the remaining bolognaise to a chilli.


If there is anything left by day 3, which I doubt, I can simply add some Indian spices to make a curry.


So that’s 2-3 days of a healthy home cooked dinners, that took under 10 minutes to prepare.


I can’t praise slow cookers enough if like me you have a busy lifestyle.


But you should never be too busy, to put your health first. Sure fire way of reaching a grave early is to live off continual convenience food.


And anyway I don’t think of my slow-cooked meals as inconvenient.


In fact I might start calling them convenience foods based on short preparation time & easy in which you can change the flavours from day to day.


If you have never really cooked. You could commit to making a proper dinner every

day just by using a slow cooker.


Why not try it this week? And let me know how you get on. How quick it was? How the food tasted?  Did you get more pleasure from it than a takeaway or nuked meal for one?

Love Sarah xx

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Organic, is it best?


Do you have to eat organic?


The debate over whether or not organic produce is better for you than conventional foods rages on.


There are many reports that say there is no difference in the vitamin and mineral content of organic foods compared to non-organic.


However there are reports that say organic foods have higher levels of antioxidants because of the reduced levels of pesticides and antibiotics in the growing of organic produce.


There are a number of pros and cons in relation to eating organic food. Some say it tastes better. This is anecdotal and not backed by blind tests where respondents actually preferred GMO crops in taste.


On the other hand, organic foods don’t usually have the same appearance as conventional produce (ie they often look different because of blemishes etc) and mostly they are more expensive.


Weighing all this up, what is best for you? Well, the bottom line is that everyone could benefit from more fruits and vegetables in our diets.


If organic helps you with this, then you should be encouraged to buy organic produce.


Personally, I think it is best to err on the side of caution. There is no reason not to eat organic so there is no harm in eating organic and it might have benefits.


If you’re concerned about the cost, then you could mix organic with non-organic. I tend to go for the offers. Sometimes when there is an offer on organic food it can work out less than non-organic. So it’s worth keeping an eye on those.


The important thing is to make sure you know what you are buying. Check labels to make sure the produce comes from certified organic farmers and producers.


This goes for all types of food – fruit, vegetables and meat produce.


Of course, a really good alternative is to try growing vegetables and fruit yourself. I am no gardener despite having a lovely garden so this is not for me. But I have been told that gardening reduces stress and stress levels do play a role in your overall health.

Love Sarah xx

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How Safe is Your Kitchen?

Organise your fridge & other stuff

Food poisoning & hygiene issues


As I mentioned some preserving tips in my last email. I thought I may as well cover some health issues as well.


In particular, store all animal produce (meats, eggs, milk) at cold temperatures

before cooking to prevent bacteria developing. Keep items in their own areas in

the refrigerator – don’t put your vegetables next to your meats for instance.

Keep the refrigerator below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 5 degrees centigrade.


Never put raw meats next to cooked meats in your fridge. If possible box everything. But if you do not have enough Tupperware, then keep raw meat on the lowest shelf, you really don’t want to risk blood dripping onto food you are not going to cook.


With meats & fish unless they have been frozen, please take care with the use by dates. I may ignore them on many items but meat, fish and eggs I stick to. If they have gone a day over and I decide to risk it, I cremate them when cooking.


When handling raw chicken use a separate clean knife, same goes for chopping boards. Wash everything thoroughly including your hands. I recommend a ‘nurses’ wash that includes thumbs and under finger nails…and do use soap or washing up liquid. Water doesn’t cut it in this case.


Remember if you decide to freeze fresh raw meat & fish they do have shelf lives even when frozen. A general rule is 4 weeks for fish and 12 weeks for meat.


Certain meats need to be cooked until juices run clear. That is you cannot cooked them to rare, medium rare etc. they have to be well done. Chicken and pork should always be well done. Lamb can be a little pink in the middle. Beef as rare or even raw as you like.


Try to have separate chopping boards. One that is only used for fruit and vegetables. Another for meats and a different one again for fish. I find coloured boards very useful to this.

I do not worry about plastic chopping boards as they go in the dishwasher at high temperatures. However if you hand wash kitchen utensils, then only use wooden boards. You can differentiate them using permanent marker pens.

If you like making chutneys, jams etc. Thoroughly wash the jars, I use the dishwasher & then dry them, keep them in a warm oven until you are ready to fill & seal. This sterilises the jars.


I personally would never be without a dishwasher. I know it cleans glassware, crockery & kitchen utensils at higher temperatures and more thoroughly than can be achieved by hand washing.

This list is by no means comprehensive. But certainly contains the most common problems in most peoples’ kitchens.

I best be off to organise my fridge a bit better.

Love Sarah xx

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Are you getting enough?

Preserving the Nutrients

Few hints & tips on keeping your food full of goodness


I really am going to keep todays email as brief as possible. I promise. So I am going to bullet point my tips and then sign off.


Do I hear you breathe a sigh of relief? Ok here we go then for a few pointers-


  • Remember to handle your food carefully. Bruising the food can increase its rate of deterioration.


  • Don’t use too much water when cooking as nutrients can leach when foods are boiled. Microwave and steaming retain more nutrients in the food. My preferred choice is stir-frying always. And that retains nutrients too.


  • Store root vegetables such as potatoes, in a cool dark spot which is ventilated


  • Store fruits in the refrigerator. Flavour can be enhanced by bringing them to room temperature just before eating.


  • Keep the moisture levels in vegetables by storing them in the refrigerator either in the vegetable section.


  • Do not open sealed mix salad bags until you wish to use them


  • Do not store fruit in the same bowl as bananas. Preferably hang the bananas and keep at room temperature



That’s it for now.

Love Sarah xx

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Read all about it!

Food Labelling

Why you don’t really need this email.


When you join my 90 day prgramme you will only be eating home-cooked, home prepared foods..


In other words I have done the legwork for you. However I did feel it enhances your understanding if I briefly dive into the quagmire of convenience foods and food labelling.


But I do mean briefly. This is no science lesson just a practical guide.


The labelling laws in most countries seem to be improving all the time. However there is a lot of leeway with marketing claims. Items do not have to have significantly lower sugar, fat or salt to be able to emblazon that on the packaging. So it always pays to check the actual label.


You should also check the energy content (kilojoules or calories). Some items

advertised as low-fat can also be higher in overall energy than the full-fat version

of that food item.


It is not as straightforward as low fat is full of chemicals and high fat isn’t. Nothing about food is that easy.


My prime example from the UK is total yogurt. The low fat version actually has a higher protein level than the 0% fat and we know that fat has not been replaced with carbohydrates to any great extent because the 0% only has 0.1g more carbohydrate than the full fat version.


When taking about labelling let’s look at sugar labels


Sugar can be called a variety of things on labels, such as sucrose, glucose, dextrose, fructose, glucose syrup – in fact most ingredients ending in ‘ose’ or having ‘syrup’ in their name are sugars.


If in doubt go without.


That actually rhymes which amuses me. I have a very strange sense of humour.


The easiest and surest way to know that you are eating correctly for you is to use my programme and recipes because I have left nothing to chance.


Love Sarah xx

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To freeze or not to freeze?

Fresh or Frozen Food

Actually when it comes to fruit & vegetables frozen is better


The freezing protocols used in most western countries are now so good that it can be better to eat frozen fruit and vegetables. When you consider the nutrient loss that occurs in the time it takes to transport vegetables from farm to supermarket and then from supermarket to your refrigerator and then to your dinner plate, eating frozen versions can sometimes be just as good if not better than eating the ‘fresh’ product.


You may well buy your fresh food from farmers markets and it’s all local produce &will still have had storage time. But I do support farmers markets and locally grown produce & buy from them as often as possible.


Another fantastic summer activity if you live near the countryside is pick your own. I love going into farmers’ fields to pick strawberries and no I don’t do it illegally at night. I pay by the basket I have picked.


Locally to me, there are plenty of foraging activities such as wild garlic, picking mushrooms (do that with an expert please) and wild blackberries. Free food can’t say better than that.


Oh and I know of hundreds of sloe bushes…gin anyone? Actually I have never made alcohol and I had better not encourage that.


However I do have a lot of frozen vegetables and fruit in my freezer. Apart from the higher nutrient profile. It makes life and cooking quicker.


To make mango, spinach and raspberry smoothie in the morning I use my freezer stock. It really is just a case of grabbing a handful of each adding a touch of water & blending until smooth. Not only is the nutrient profile high, the smoothie is nice & cold too i.e. no messing about with ice cubes.


Also so many vegetables come prepared. You can get frozen diced onion, sliced peppers, crushed garlic etc. This really does cut down the cooking time and to me is worth the extra pennies.


Of course I do use fresh….salad foods can’t be frozen and I do prefer salad to traditional vegetables.


Again I take the quick route and pay a bit more to buy bags to mixed salad leaves. There are so many to choose from. All they need is to be rinsed under cold water & spun dry.


Yes I know the bags say ready to eat. But they have been washed in a lot of chemicals so a quick rise doesn’t hurt and only adds two minutes onto your food preparation time.


So really what I am saying is the choice is up to you. I do a mix of both frozen and fresh. I am actually pro-convenience foods when they are natural foods.

Love Sarah xx

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Soggy Veg!


A quick cooking method for those lacking in confidence


This is a very easy way to maintain as much of the nutrient & mineral profile of your vegetables as possible.


When I was growing up, my mum seemed to boil vegetables for hours until they were wet & soggy. For a child this makes them palatable and easy to swallow. Remember I sometimes don’t  like the taste of vegetables, however this cooking process boils out all the good stuff.


Which would be just about ok if she had saved the cooking water as stock for soups and casseroles. But no the vegetables were drained over the sink into a colander and all the goodness gushed down the pipes and out to recycling plants.


So the best way to cook vegetables by boiling them is to bring a saucepan of water to the boil and drop vegetables into it for a few minutes only. This helps retain the nutrients and brings out the colours.


And actually green stuff does make a dinner look more attractive on a plate than a pile of beige & browns.


For me that was a super quick email. But I really can’t say much more about blanching and have no anecdotes about my mother’s cooking.

Love Sarah xx