Preserving the Nutrients

Few hints & tips on keeping your food full of goodness


I really am going to keep todays email as brief as possible. I promise. So I am going to bullet point my tips and then sign off.


Do I hear you breathe a sigh of relief? Ok here we go then for a few pointers-


  • Remember to handle your food carefully. Bruising the food can increase its rate of deterioration.


  • Don’t use too much water when cooking as nutrients can leach when foods are boiled. Microwave and steaming retain more nutrients in the food. My preferred choice is stir-frying always. And that retains nutrients too.


  • Store root vegetables such as potatoes, in a cool dark spot which is ventilated


  • Store fruits in the refrigerator. Flavour can be enhanced by bringing them to room temperature just before eating.


  • Keep the moisture levels in vegetables by storing them in the refrigerator either in the vegetable section.


  • Do not open sealed mix salad bags until you wish to use them


  • Do not store fruit in the same bowl as bananas. Preferably hang the bananas and keep at room temperature



That’s it for now.

Love Sarah xx