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Clear it out!

Cupboard & Fridge/Freezer Clear Out

Good for the soul


I am terrible about ever organising or clearing out kitchen cupboards. When I do tackle this huge task, I always find spices way past their use by dates,  tins of more unusual ingredients etc.


However when I do have a good clear out & sort. I feel so much better for it. The kitchen looks nice. Clean, organised. I know what I have, where to find it. And even what I need to add to a standard shopping list.


When you join my programme you will be cooking more. So it is worth doing this job in preparation for the fun to come.


Sort through spices & condiments. Write down a list of what you have and when next on-line, go to that grocery aisle and make a note, or order, anything you find interesting and do not already have.


Although we provide a database of recipes and regularly update them. It is always fun to experiment.


You don’t always have to follow my recipe and ingredients word for word, but swap the spices around. Have a bit of fun creating your own unique recipe.


While you are having a sort out in the kitchen. Be brave and throw away all food that does not serve your health. No matter what you spent on that food.


And once you have emptied your cupboards and fridge have some fun restocking them with good nutritious food that will help your health and you can enjoy cooking…or even eating raw.


Think I may go over some fundamentals about raw food in my next few emails.

Love Sarah xx

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