Eating More Raw Foods

Some of the benefits you may notice


Eating more raw food creates major health improvements.


If you have weight issues eating more raw food, along with our recipes which have been balanced for fat-loss will help you to loose excess weight.


Energy perks up. I am a testament to that. I have my phases of can’t be bothered. And eat takeaways, frozen ready meals etc. Within days I feel more tired during the day, my sleep pattern get disrupted, and even start feeling more depressed.


As soon as I give myself a kick up the backside and put more greens and more water into my diet. I feel so full of energy and get far more done.


I have always had good skin but I started to get the odd spot as an adult. Again once I start eating better, after a few days an ‘spot’ issues have gone. And my skin glows more, looks less dry, looks younger.


And if we talk toilet, a couple of green smoothies a day, will get everything moving efficiently.


Raw food is full of enzymes. These are needed by us especially our digestive systems. Too few in a daily diet and we can experience fatigue, aches, bloating in the tummy area, skin problems, headaches.


Ultimately who does not want to feel the energy they had when they were a child. To be able to run and play like they did when they were a child. It may be so long since you felt that, that you have difficulty remembering it.


Imagine being a child again. The endless energy and enthusiasm for life. You can feel that as an adult just by making a few small changes to your diet and exercise.

Love Sarah xx