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To freeze or not to freeze? | Sarah Hogan Movement Academy

Fresh or Frozen Food

Actually when it comes to fruit & vegetables frozen is better


The freezing protocols used in most western countries are now so good that it can be better to eat frozen fruit and vegetables. When you consider the nutrient loss that occurs in the time it takes to transport vegetables from farm to supermarket and then from supermarket to your refrigerator and then to your dinner plate, eating frozen versions can sometimes be just as good if not better than eating the ‘fresh’ product.


You may well buy your fresh food from farmers markets and it’s all local produce &will still have had storage time. But I do support farmers markets and locally grown produce & buy from them as often as possible.


Another fantastic summer activity if you live near the countryside is pick your own. I love going into farmers’ fields to pick strawberries and no I don’t do it illegally at night. I pay by the basket I have picked.


Locally to me, there are plenty of foraging activities such as wild garlic, picking mushrooms (do that with an expert please) and wild blackberries. Free food can’t say better than that.


Oh and I know of hundreds of sloe bushes…gin anyone? Actually I have never made alcohol and I had better not encourage that.


However I do have a lot of frozen vegetables and fruit in my freezer. Apart from the higher nutrient profile. It makes life and cooking quicker.


To make mango, spinach and raspberry smoothie in the morning I use my freezer stock. It really is just a case of grabbing a handful of each adding a touch of water & blending until smooth. Not only is the nutrient profile high, the smoothie is nice & cold too i.e. no messing about with ice cubes.


Also so many vegetables come prepared. You can get frozen diced onion, sliced peppers, crushed garlic etc. This really does cut down the cooking time and to me is worth the extra pennies.


Of course I do use fresh….salad foods can’t be frozen and I do prefer salad to traditional vegetables.


Again I take the quick route and pay a bit more to buy bags to mixed salad leaves. There are so many to choose from. All they need is to be rinsed under cold water & spun dry.


Yes I know the bags say ready to eat. But they have been washed in a lot of chemicals so a quick rise doesn’t hurt and only adds two minutes onto your food preparation time.


So really what I am saying is the choice is up to you. I do a mix of both frozen and fresh. I am actually pro-convenience foods when they are natural foods.

Love Sarah xx