So here goes…
Before I had my beautiful daughter I was fitness mad. Teaching 30+ classes a week, training twice a day, paying £300 a month for a personal trainer, obsessive diet, pushed my body to its absolute limit

I fell pregnant and was so fickle to think I would just bounce back and my body wouldn’t change. As I grew and grew my body was changing day by day. I carried on teaching my classes until I was 6 months pregnant.

Then the stretch marks came, I was proud of them but was a huge change in my body. I just carried on with the ‘I’m young it’s my first child I’ll bounce right back’ well, that’s what everyone was telling me.

I gave birth, emergency c section my body felt like it had been hit by a train and run over again. My stomach muscles could no longer could support my back, my posture went, I suffered with severe back ache all just from the changes after giving birth. I could feel each muscle changing, loosening and weakening day by day as my body adapted back to no longer carrying a baby.

I learnt so much about myself and got to see first hand the affects of pregnancy and postnatal body changes. I was busy training my clients and giving them advice and forgot about myself. I tried yoga but no one understood how difficult it was to adapt when your 9 months pregnant to a regular class.

The point of this post is that no mater how fit you are before or what you do, your body changes! It’s so important to know the correct ways of exercising and what muscles support your day to day activities as a mum. There are so many exercises that you can do safely during your pregnancy that will help you during and after but you must do them!! This is reality, no gorgeous edited fitness models who have their six pack back the second the baby comes out.

Without following a daily routine of exercises I wouldn’t have made the recovery I have. It’s so important to look after yourself!
We have all gone through this change and we all know how it feels. We are here to support you in every aspect we can!
This is why we are setting up classes such as Bump 2 mum Movement and Mummy & Me Movement to provide you with the exercise, support, advice and all the materials you need to make sure you don’t forget about you!! More information coming soon!!

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