Falling in Love

I want you to fall in love with your body & good food


When was the last time you really enjoyed what you eat? Not a special occasion meal but everyday food.


Don’t you think it’s time to get some pleasure from food again? To stop taking food for granted and create a better relationship with it?


Everyone says they are too busy for good home-cooked food. My solutions are to speed things up by buying already prepared vegetables, salads, using my food processor & slow cooker, blending healthy drinks & soups.


There are so many ways to make quick, good food. In my slow-cooker at the moment there is 1kg of lean minced beef, 1 rinsed can of green lentils, 1 tin of chopped tomatoes, two handfuls of carrot batons, 2 chopped peppers, 2 chopped onions and a good amount of oregano to make  a sow cooked bolognaise.


Tomorrow I will simply add a tin of kidney beans and some chilli to change the remaining bolognaise to a chilli.


If there is anything left by day 3, which I doubt, I can simply add some Indian spices to make a curry.


So that’s 2-3 days of a healthy home cooked dinners, that took under 10 minutes to prepare.


I can’t praise slow cookers enough if like me you have a busy lifestyle.


But you should never be too busy, to put your health first. Sure fire way of reaching a grave early is to live off continual convenience food.


And anyway I don’t think of my slow-cooked meals as inconvenient.


In fact I might start calling them convenience foods based on short preparation time & easy in which you can change the flavours from day to day.


If you have never really cooked. You could commit to making a proper dinner every

day just by using a slow cooker.


Why not try it this week? And let me know how you get on. How quick it was? How the food tasted?  Did you get more pleasure from it than a takeaway or nuked meal for one?

Love Sarah xx