Low fat?

No but nor do you go fat crazy


I am sure you have come across some people on the internet saying fat can’t make you fat.


I hate to say it but that is bullshit.


Yes dietary fat is not the devil we once thought it was.


Yes it is essential to our bodies,


However too much is too much.


I will give you an analogy here. I little bit of alcohol relaxes you, makes you more out-going, maybe even funnier.


Too much alcohol? Well you can lose co-ordination, be sick, slur, get aggressive, eat mindlessly, collapse or even forget ‘blank out’ parts of an evening out.


Same with fat. There is still such a thing as too much.


You will find my recipes use coconut oil, olive oil & fatty foods such nut butters & avocados.


However it is still measured. And you are still encouraged to do the following


  • Cut excess fat off meat


  • Take skin off chicken


  • Use measured amount of coconut oil when stir-frying


  • Bake, slow-cook, grill, steam, barbeque food



Higher fat food & protein does make meals more satiating but I do also consider your total calorie requirement.


I will work out your daily total, and every time you chose a recipe it will have all your macros on it so you can deduct them from your total.


The calories have been set to a safe fat-loss level, and once a week you will give me your numbers in there, which is your weight in pounds (llbs) to get your new daily total for that week.




In the meanwhile, until you are ready to join my nutrition & recipe website, you should start to remove excess fat & skin from your meats. Chose to cook your food in ways that maintain as much of their nutrients as possible. And remember although fat is not the devil, it is not your best friend either.

Love Sarah xx