Fat-loss and Radically Improving Your Health.

Food Behaviours – How To Stop Self Sabotage and to stay on track.

Even when you KNOW what to eat and why do you self-sabotage and eat foods you know take you away from your goals.

This talk helps you with strategies to STOP wrecking your amazing progress

Ok so we know what to do know but why do we self sabotage? Do we have this thing in our heads thats kind of stops us achieving our goals?

As we know as we get older or if we’ve just had a baby our hormones are can be all over the place and this can lead to brain fog and many other things.

Sometimes it’s just easier to keep to the habits that we’ve had for years but we just know that deep down this is no good for us.

Here’s some of my top tips that helps me to stick to good my good intentions for the day.

  1. Get a good nights sleep, everything seems clearer and easier when your not tired.
  2. Stress- destress as much as you can do that ten minute meditation.
  3. Slow down, we try to be super women! If you’ve a list pick out the three most important and just focus on those.
  4. Journal, write it down, pop down your three wins of the day.
  5. Hydrate – drink those three litres of water.
  6. Eat well-get those vital nutrients and vitamins in your body.
  7. Gentle exercise- we know now that we don’t have to go crazy all the time on our exercise do some pilates and focus
  8. Lower that cortisol- all the above lead to one thing lowering that cortisol in our systems!

Following the above lead to your mind working more clearly and efficiently and if our mental health is well then we will stick to our goals and be less likely to self sabotage.

I’d love to know what you do to stick to your good intentions ,

Love Sarah xx