It’s world mental health day today and today we are talking about exercise and the benefits it can have to our mental health.

Lots of people think they have to be doing really tough workouts to get exercise in but at The Movement Academy we don’t believe that…

We now know that simply moving more during the day is so beneficial for us, getting your 10,000 steps, moving for a couple of minutes every hour ,this elevates your serotonin and dopamine levels and there fore improves your mood and mental wellbeing.

If you can’t do a big tough work out what can you do instead?… what about a nice brisk walk outside? Exercise you enjoy and good healthy food can really help your mental health.


  • Instead of staying in at lunch time today try to get out for some fresh air and a quick walk to make you feel happy and vibrant
  • If you are chained to the laptop all day make sure you get up every hour and move around
  • Get those vitamins and nutrients in take a good pack up with you
  • Give your loved ones a cuddle!!!

I hope that helped

Love Sarah xx

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