The Meno Movement

Are you feeling the flush?
Join our club for fabulous women age 40 & more and be a hot woman with a cool body !!

Beat the Bloat

No matter what you do that tummy is still there? I can help you look & feel less bloated, get back in those jeans and still have gorgeous food and wine to eat and drink!!

Get a Better Nights Sleep

Hot and bothered, restless nights? One leg under the covers one leg out? Achy body and limbs? Join my club and be one HOT woman with a COOL body!!!

Feel More Energised

Lost your mojo? Feeling overwhelmed? Head feeling in a muddle? Lets get that mojo  back and while we are at it  zap that pesky brain fog!!

Focus on You

Feel like you’re lost sometimes? Wonder where that girl has gone? Want some fun back? Join like minded women and don’t ever feel alone and lost again !!
Helping You Find Your You !

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Do you often wake up feeling as tired as you did before you went to bed because all you do is toss and turn, throw the covers around as you’re hot one minute and cold the next? Have you noticed that your jeans are more snug and whatever you do they don’t get any loser? Are you always forgetting things and then getting annoyed with yourself? Is your body feeling achy and stiff? Have you lost your mojo? If you’ve answered yes to any of these then you are in the right place! I can help you improve all the above symptoms and get you back to feeling revitalzed and back to being the incredible woman you are!

What Is The Meno Movement

& how can it help?

What is The Meno Movement?

TMM is for you if you’ve answered yes to any of the questions on this page! The Meno Movement is here to help and support you and get you back to feeling like you again!

Stressed out?

I will work with you to destress and unwind, looking together at lifestyle choices and how with a few small changes you feel blissed out and have looser fitting clothes!

Hormones all over?

Hot sleepness nights, one leg in the covers one leg out!! Join our club and be one HOT woman with a COOL body and get those hormones balanced.

Feeling bloated?

If you want to diet then you’re in the wrong place! At TMM we eat to thrive not survive and learn that by fueling our bodies with delicious foods we reduce that horrible bloated feeling!

How Do I know If The Meno Movement is Right For Me?

The Meno Movement is for all women wether they are peri menopausal, in the menopause or the other side! It’s about celebrating being women and not hiding away our symptoms as though they are something to be ashamed of. Join the movement today and feel revitalized, energized and amazing!!

You don't want to join a gym and do high intensity exercise but you still want to be able to move quickly!
At TMM my movement classes are design specifically with you in mind! You won’t find any burpees in sight but fun and intelligent challenges not only for the body but for the mind too!
You would like to lose some weight but do not want to eat chicken and broccoli!
I don’t want to eat chicken and broccoli either! We eat to thrive not just survive at TMM and I positively encourage going socialising and drinking prosecco! In fact one of the most popular events I run is Pilates & Prosecco!!
You want to be able to chat to women who can relate to you and what you are going through!
Loneliness can happen to us all and can be a constant battle. You will meet lovely women and gain new friendships whether this is online or in person and I’m her to support and help you constantly.
You want some fun back in your life!
TMM is all about having fun, yes I will help you to feel and look better but as they say laughter is the best medicine!
I'm interested but a bit nervous!
Hey that’s completely normal! I get really nervous and anxiuos myself thinking about starting something new. Why don’t you book in a free consultation with me to have a chat and put your mind at rest?

My Approach

Hello and welcome to The Meno Movement!!

My name is Sarah Hogan and I’m passionate about making your life the best it can be.

Let me tell you a little of why I can help you live a more comfortable, confident and pain free life.

All of my life I’ve been dancer and very lucky to have sailed though my early career with out injury, but then I hit my late 40’s (I don’t know how that happened!!) and boom one thing after another.

Four  years of nasty injuries, weight gain, peri-menopause, anxiety, depression, all the time delivering classes and trying to stay bubbly and happy while feeling so unconfident inside. 

I tried numerous physios, massage therapy, nutrition and classes to get me back on my feet ( some times literally!) Some therapists where fabulous and some were well actually quite shocking!( more of that to come in my blogs!)

So I thought I can do this! I can help women out there like me to feel fabulous and confident, to know that they are not alone that there is some one like them going through the same feelings and thoughts but has the ability to support them and voila The Meno Movemnt was born!

I’m passionate about creating gorgeous feel good classes, treatments and therapies for all of you wonderful women out there and to help and create a very special and unique personalised time for you to fit in your life.

So if you relate to anything you’ve seen on this page or just feel achy, are injured, fed up with your weight or life in general, wanting to get some movement back in your life or just want to have some fun in class I’m here to help you achieve your goals.

Please feel free to contact me and we can work together to get you felling like you again and be a hot woman in a cool body!!!

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

If you not sure about what is the best plan of action for you why don’t you schedule in  FREE consultation with myself? We can have a chat about how you are feeling , what you want to achieve and whats the best course of action to get you there.

Choose Your Meno Plan

You may of had a consultation with me or knew straight away which Meno Plan you wanted to chose.  1-2-1 may be best if you like the more personal approach, if you like to be in a group inviroment then our small group Meno Movement is for you. We also have a fully online movement for you to chose

Reach Your Goals

Which ever Meno Plan you chose you decide the goals you want. It may be just to be able to get a decent nights sleep, maybe you want to feel more energised, maybe you have a stubborn tummy that you just can’t shift, or maybe you just want to feel like you again. What ever your goals I can help you to achieve them.

1-2-1 Meno Movement VIP 90 Day Mentorship Programme

My VIP programme is bespoke to every aspect of you & your needs.  You receive 100% commitment from myself to balance your, hormones, body and mind and achieve the goals that we set out on our journey together. STARTING October 15th 2018.

I can either come to you or we can meet at one of my beautiful venues.

Still unsure? Book your 1-2-1 FREE consultation with me.


Costs in one installment £497

Cost in two installments £249

Costs three monthly installments £167

What Do I Get?
  • One hour Meno Movement 1-2-1 session  per week ( this can be tailored to more on your personalised plan)
  • Small Group Meno Movement Class ( when sessions are running)
  • Massage therapy to ease those tired limbs ( 3 x 1 hour sessions complementary then discounted rates apply)
  • Bespoke home videos to keep forever to set you up for success.  This could include meditations, motivational talks, Meno Food Recipe Videos, & more!These will be sent to you over the course of the 90 days.
  • Weekly handouts to take home and keep
  • Weekly Meno Food Journal Checks
  • Weekly live talks & advise
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • The Meno Food Book and meal planner
  • Lifetime access to our supportive Facebook group

  • Daily support from myself

Small Group Meno Movement

This really is a fabulous programme to be on. Our small group meno movement takes no more then 10 women so you really do get all the personalised 1-2-1 coaching but without the price tag!!

Scroll down and click on “what do I get” to learn more.

Our next small group Meno Movement runs for 8 weeks and starts on Wednesday the 24 th of October 2018 6.30-7.30 pm at St.Katherines Centre Colegrave Street Lincoln ln5 8dw.





Costs in one installment £167

Costs in two monthly installments £85

Costs in three monthly installments £57

Special offer

What Do I Get?
  • One Hour Meno Movement Class per week
  • Massage therapy to ease those tired limbs ( 30 minute complementary then discounted rates apply)
  • Home exercise Meno Movement Videos
  • Weekly handouts to take home
  • Weekly live talks & advise
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • The Meno Food Book and weekly recipes
  • Lifetime access to our supportive Facebook group

  • Daily support from Myself

Online Meno Movement 90 Day Programme

If you’re really busy you may find that  my online Meno Movement is the right fit for you. You have all the benefits of my small group meno movement but from the comfort of your own home! You will still have the support and motivation from myself and the other wonderful ladies via our community facebook group. STARTING October 24 th 2018.


Cost in one installment £227

Cost in two monthly installments £115

Costs in three monthly installments £77

What Do I Get?
  • Home exercise Meno Movement Videos
  • Weekly downloadable PDFs
  • Weekly live talks & advise
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • The Meno Food Book and weekly recipes
  • Lifetime access to our supportive Facebook group
  • Daily support from Myself

Still Have Questions?