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The Movement Blog | Sarah Hogan Movement Academy

The Movement Blog

Stay up to date with stories and events from us.

I just love this smell…

Baking There is something very special about a warm muffin straight from the oven for breakfast   Yes, I can bake if I want to contrary to the jokes I always tell! I can actually bake really fancy stuff if needs be! So if you ever come by my house for dinner, it may...

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Low Fat?

Low fat? No but nor do you go fat crazy   I am sure you have come across some people on the internet saying fat can’t make you fat.   I hate to say it but that is bullshit.   Yes dietary fat is not the devil we once thought it was.   Yes it is essential to our bodies,...

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Guest Blog by Fay Durrant

I'd like to welcome our guest blogger Fay Durrant. Fay is an expert in her field with years of experience. I hope that you enjoy the read.   So months in from NY day  how are your resolutions going? Did you resolve to do one of the usual?  Get fitter, healthier, give...

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The Starting Line

  The Starting Line Of course when undertaking my programme it’s the dietary changes that are perhaps the hardest to come to grips with. However as I love you to cook we have developed so many recipes for you, that you really will not notice the change in eating...

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Are you eating enough (good) fat?

Despite all the outdated and badly researched information out there, I really hope that if you follow me regularly, you by now realise the importance of eating healthy fats. You do don't you?! But how much should you be eating? People (inc a lot of health...

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Did you know?

DID YOU KNOW?? In the mid 1970’s, a study was conducted by Dr. James A Nicholas of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York city ,to see which sports were the most difficult. He studied sixty-one sports including ballet, and broke them down into categories that included...

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Fit Tip Friday

  FIT TIP FRIDAY   HAVE FUN! Yes, that’s right. Fitness doesn’t have to look a certain way. To keep healthy and active doesn’t mean you have to do an hour at the gym every day. What do you love to do? Walk in the hills? Play football/soccer with your kids? Dance with...

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Workout wednesday

WORKOUT WEDNESDAY   It’s workout Wednesday! Whether you attend my classes or not, this is a great quick 10 minute blast you can do from anywhere. Make it part of your morning routine, or even squeeze it in your lunch break. It’s so quick but will get your heart...

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