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Are you eating enough (good) fat?

Despite all the outdated and badly researched information out there, I really hope that if you follow me regularly, you by now realise the importance of eating healthy fats. You do don't you?! But how much should you be eating? People (inc a lot of health...

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5 Reasons why you constantly feel tired

Do you have a serious lack of energy? Not just in the morning but in everything you do? There are so many reasons you could be feeling fatigued and it isn’t just your sleep. So here are just 5 of the common one's: 1. Your adrenal glands The hormone-releasing glands...

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The Best Friends Are Ballet Friends

The Best Friends are Ballet Friends Have you ever noticed that friends who dance together tend to stay together?  I’ll admit, it’s true.  My ballet friends were my best friends growing up and even until my 30’s—when I moved away.  But why is that? It takes a certain...

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Self Sabotage

Fat-loss and Radically Improving Your Health. Food Behaviours – How To Stop Self Sabotage and to stay on track. Even when you KNOW what to eat and why do you self-sabotage and eat foods you know take you away from your goals. This talk helps you with strategies to...

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World Mental Health Day

It's world mental health day today and today we are talking about exercise and the benefits it can have to our mental health. Lots of people think they have to be doing really tough workouts to get exercise in but at The Movement Academy we don't believe that… We now...

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Do you eat raw?

Eating More Raw Foods Some of the benefits you may notice   Eating more raw food creates major health improvements.   If you have weight issues eating more raw food, along with our recipes which have been balanced for fat-loss will help you to loose excess weight.  ...

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Organic, is it best?

Organic Do you have to eat organic?   The debate over whether or not organic produce is better for you than conventional foods rages on.   There are many reports that say there is no difference in the vitamin and mineral content of organic foods compared to...

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Are you getting enough?

Preserving the Nutrients Few hints & tips on keeping your food full of goodness   I really am going to keep todays email as brief as possible. I promise. So I am going to bullet point my tips and then sign off.   Do I hear you breathe a sigh of relief? Ok here we go...

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