Do you want to do the Kick Start Fat Loss Nutrition but find the idea of  crazy fast workouts too much?

This option allows you to use the 28 Day Nutrition guidance but have a focus on low intensity Pilates workouts. Ideal for those who have reasons to not be able to jump up and down doing High Intensity Workouts or maybe a need to have time to use the workouts to focus on your core, balance and stretching and relaxing.

You get:

Access to the KSFL main website where you’ll get access to workouts with Rachel Holmes & Pilates presenter, Kelly Reed-Banks.  Videos of information, mindset and recipes.

You will also be added to a secret Facebook group where you can be supported and motivated by Sarah and fellow KSFLrs  You will have access to the shopping list, sample menus, recipes, daily ‘rules’, articles to explain WHY we do what we do, daily motivation and a general kick up the back side!

In addition to ALL of that, those local to Lincoln you can have access to the Fitness Pilates Class 5.30 pm on a Monday at St.Katherines Centre. Those in Saxilby can join in the Wednesday evening class at 7.15-8.00 pm at The Church Hall.

A rough guide to what you are entering into…

  • Days 1 -14 Detox – strip out the caffeine, sugar, bad fats, dairy, alcohol and processed foods. Your main foods are meat, fish, veggies, some fruits and some starchy carbs – sweet potatoes, rice, other root veg and bean/pulses/lentils*
  • Days 15 – 28 look at bringing back key items into diet, working out what works for us – we have to be detectives and suss this out… from a review of the December 2 programme most found week 3 to be the MOST valuable week in determining the life changes they had made and worked out the things they NEEDED or WANTED!

*vegetarians will include these daily in place of the protein from meat

The NEW Pilates plan gives allowance to follow the rules more loosely but focuses on making big changes over a longer period of time. This may suit some lifestyles better or those who are put off by the severity of being on a ‘detox’ will benefit from this new programme.

28 VIP Fitness Pilates BoutiqueProgramme

Following the KSFL Nutrition principles with Pilates workouts for a lower intensity option. Includes £5 Early Bird discount